This is a FABULOUS estate sale in League City, Texas.

You must have an invitation to attend!  Please print notification/ invitation, which will be published on the site the day before the sale.

Norma Perusina was the daughter of Adolph Belliumino and a life time resident of Galveston. Adolph Belliumino was born in Italy in 1873 and came to Galveston in the 20’s. They owned many businesses, such as a liquor store and restaurants in Galveston. Norma & Jimmy owned Heart Breakers Gentlemen’s Club in League City. This estate sale holds contains many treasures with rich historical value.

The house contains several pieces of historical artwork. One of the artists is A.D. Greer (Audrey Dale Greer), born in 1904 in Pondcreek, Oklahoma and spent his 93 years in pursuit of life and all it had to offer. Other artists include Robert Cox, A. Palmero and Liz Rowan.

So far, we’ve unearthed a large collection of bar and restaurant ware, match books, sterling and silver plate ware…. with more treasures coming so keep a watch out for more pictures!